Chat Clubs & Specialized Workshops: Effective Tools for advancement of Democracy in Venezuela.

Chat Clubs & Specialized Workshops: Effective Tools for advancement of Democracy in Venezuela.
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Asociación Venezolana Americana de La Amistad  (AVAA) and  the U. S. Embassy, Caracas have been allies for over 40 years, always searching for creative ways to maintain and strengthen the ties that bind our two nations. During the last decade political tensions and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela have  affected bi-lateral relations, in this sense, AVAA ‘s staff  ever so resourceful has managed to keep the programming and activities alive and running  setting the stage for the advancement of democracy in times of extreme crisis.  Excellent examples are  the monthly Chat Clubs and workshops  which have become a regular “to do” item among many of the students that are part of AVAA’s Pro-Excellence Program.  While the Chat Clubs offer the students a space  to strengthen their English comprehension and oral skills  and the  specialized workshops  helps the students to explore the road towards integral citizenship, both activities are excellent examples of collaboration and programming focused on the core values of democracy and economic empowerment to broaden Venezuelan understanding and support of U.S. policies, values, history, and culture, particularly among target audiences.  A simple and viable manner that seeks to connect American and Venezuelan citizens, counteract misinformation and negative perceptions about the United States and build bridges of mutual respect and understanding.  Some of the topics addressed during September-October chats and workshops were:


  • Volunteerism
  • International Day for Non-Violence
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Iconic Moments of American Cinema
  • Social Media Management
  • Astronomy in a Nutshell
  • How to Get Ready for the TOEFL Exam


  • Project Management: Leadership and Negotiation
  • Venezuelan Reality Perspectives
  • Community Management
  • Self-Management