AVAA Excellency Program

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AVAA Excellency Program promotes the education of young Venezuelan students with limited financial resources through an integral training approach during their 5-year undergraduate university degree programs. 

This Scholarship Program, helps the beneficiary students to complete their undergraduate studies with high GPA  and offers them the following benefits:

  • A monthly allowance.
  • A complete English Language course at a Binational Center in Venezuela.
  • Conversational Clubs to complement their language training.
  • The option to be awarded with an Intensive English Scholarship in the United States or Canada in order to reach a multicultural experience that allows them to grab the importance of democratic and freedom values from that society.
  • An integral curriculum that develops the competencies that the UN has considered vital for the professional practice of the millennium.
  • Support of an AVAA Mentor, an experienced professional who receives mentorship training from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (I.E.S.A.). The AVAA Mentor acts as a role model committed to guiding the scholarship holder in attaining their personal and professional goals.

Additionally, through the development of social projects and volunteer work the scholarship holders confront their social reality in Venezuela in order to overcome the obstacles and to share their knowledge and experiences in other underprivileged communities and thus becoming agents of change.

Since its inception, the AVAA Excellency Program has benefited over 900 young professionals, and it currently provides scholarships for 250 undergraduate students from all over Venezuela of all majors in both public and private universities in Caracas, including:

Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)
Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB)
Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL)
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB)
Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET)
Universidad Monte Ávila (UMA)
Universidad Católica Santa Rosa (USCAR)
Universidad Santa María (USM)
Escuela Nacional de Hacienda Pública (ENAHP)
Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt (UAH)
Universidad Nueva Esparta
Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela (UBV)
Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (UNEARTE)

This program has changed the life of hundreds of young people who thought they might never achieve their Academic dreams, teaching them that they are not alone, that with effort, resilience and passion they can strive to reach their educational goals and learning the skills that allow them to  able to build the country they imagine.

In AVAA, we find stories like a homeless 14 year old boy from Barinas, a small town in the Venezuelan llanos (flatlands), that now is a few days away from graduating with honors from his Bachelor in Economics from Universidad Central de Venezuela, not only speaking in English but also writing financial articles for international publishing websites.

A girl from Margarita Island, a little Venezuelan island in the Caribbean, who came to Caracas pursuing the best academic institutions in hopes to be the best International Relations professional this country, can have. Now, she is working with EducationUSA as an educational adviser helping others achieve their academic dreams in the US. Besides, she obtained a full scholarship for her Master’s degree in Public Administration, with the goal of working in public policy to improve public education in our country.

That is AVAA, an organization filled with stories, youth and excellency.