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AVAA has registered the Venezuelan American Friendship Association INC in 2009 in the United States and has the status 501(c)3, allowing our sponsors to deduct their contributions from their annual income tax.  All the revenues collected in the US, will help AVAA in Venezuela to increase the number of scholarship recipients and to develop strategies than will affect country indicators positively and decrease the number of dropouts from Venezuelan universities.

AVAA INC financially supports AVAA Excellency Program’s scholarships and mentoring programs by means of the Alliance and Strategic Scholarship Fund, which is created by direct donations made by companies and individuals from Venezuela and the United States.

Currently, AVAA has more than 60 Corporate Members and 25 individuals through our sponsorship programs. All of them motivated to invest in the training of those who will have the future of Venezuela in their hands.

The fund also receives financing support through other products that allow the payment of indirect expenses, as well as fundraising events such as the AVAA’s Friendship Golf Tournament held annually in both Venezuela and the United States.