ProExcelencia Graduates Ceremony

ProExcelencia Graduates Ceremony
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Our Excellency Program graduated 28 new professionals this year. All this role-model
underprivileged leaders, from different Venezuelan universities, as well as from different
undergraduate careers successfully completed their activities in AVAA. The AVAA Excellency
Program promotes the education of young Venezuelan students with limited financial resources
through an integral training approach during their 5-year undergraduate university degree
programs. This Scholarship initiative helps the beneficiary students to complete their
undergraduate studies with high GPA, English as a second language and an integral formation
that develops professional skills cataloged by tne UN. Additionally, through the development of
social projects and volunteer work, the scholarship holders confront their social reality in
Venezuela in order to overcome the obstacles and to share their knowledge and experiences in
other communities and become agents of change. This program has changed the life of more
than 900 of people who thought they might never achieve their Academic dreams, teaching
them that they are not alone, that with effort, resilience and passion they can strive to reach
their educational goals and learning the skills that allow them to able to build the country that
they imagine. That is AVAA; an organization filled with stories, youth and excellency.