2019 Annual General Assembly: tangible results and dreams turned into goals achieved

2019 Annual General Assembly: tangible results and dreams turned into goals achieved
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The Annual General Assembly (AGA) of AVAA, is the meeting in which accountability is promoted for the management made by the organization during a year to keep their programs running. But it is also an opportunity to connect with the energy of Venezuela that continues to work to achieve goals and provide more opportunities.

On this time, scholars, staff, graduates, volunteers, members of the Board of Directors, sponsors, allies and related parties met to know the summary of the operating results that are the result of the effort printed in the actions carried out during 2018.

This year, the words of welcome were in charge of Adriana Narvaez Cote, UCV Lawyer and graduate of the AVAA Excellency Program, who is currently General Manager of the Civil Association “Quiero Un País” and CEO of the political innovation laboratory DemoInnova. Adriana received the guests sharing her experience as a scholar from the Excellency Program and highlighted the great impact the program had on her personal and professional life “thanks to your support, young people like me and those who are here, we have been able to achieve our goals,” she said.

Dr. Gustavo Roosen, President of AVAA, also welcomed the audience and shared one of the great news: AVAA is already taking the necessary steps to replicate its Excellence Program in the state of Zulia, which demonstrates the continued strengthening of the organization, to continue providing study and development opportunities to young Venezuelans who are striving to achieve their goals in the country.

The summary of the results included the realization of 54 theoretical-practical workshops, 123 chat clubs in the English language, 3 integration activities and the strengthening of the Mentor-Scholarship program; all of these activities contributed to the integral formation of the scholars of the Excellency Program, through knowledge that goes beyond the classes they receive at university.

The activities carried out by the Official Advisory Centres for the United States and Canada through the EducationUSA and ÉduCanada centres, both based in AVAA, were also indicated.

In 2018, the Venezuelan American Friendship Association conducted the AVAAMUN Training Program and the Youth Abrassadors Program, with the support of the U.S. Embassy, whose results and achievements were also presented at the Assembly.

During the celebration, the graduates of the Excellency Program, professionals who currently occupy important positions in organizations and companies in the country, presented a series of recognitions to the sponsors and allies who support the activities carried out by AVAA and contribute to the achievement of its mission.

In 2018, AVAA, with great efforts, made important contributions aligned with the new reality that the country presents and that demands every day greater commitment, not only with Venezuela, but also with all the people who are part of the organization and who contribute for this cause so as to continue looking toward the future.

In addition to them, the scholarship holders who led AVAA’s institutional volunteer projects were also recognized, through which (along with all the other activities) 26,404 hours of volunteer activities were carried out during the year. This figure represents the strong citizen commitment of the Excellency Program scholars, a characteristic that has become part of the brand and distinguishes them.

At the end of the celebration, the guests to the AGA enjoyed a musical and theatrical performance performed by the artists of the Excellency Program, which filled the venue with the magical halo of art that is contagious to everyone and which sent a very clear message: there are thousands of reasons to continue betting on the country.

Cristhian Ortega – AVAA Press
Photography: Carmen Aguilar