EducationUSA and the Excellency Program in El Encantado, Petare

EducationUSA and the Excellency Program in El Encantado, Petare
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On June 8, our AVAA Advisory Center, EducationUSA, and scholars from the Excellency Program, along with the NGO ABC Prodeim and Leather Heart (Venezuela’s first certified B Corporation), visited the community of El Encantado in Petare, Minicipality of Sucre in Caracas, in order to provide a day full of laughter and values to 150 low-income children living in the area.

The team of organizers worked together to plan and carry out play and recreational activities that moved the children to a different reality away from the problems present in their environment. Teamwork, leadership, solidarity and respect were some of the skills and values that were put into practice in all the activities based on a key message: the importance of education to achieve dreams.

The children who participated in the activity are part of the 200 children benefited by the ABC Prodeim Social Dining Hall, located in El Encantado, Petare, where they go daily to receive nutritious meals.

In addition to the activities, gifts were given to each child present, including our famous toucan Tookie, the mascot of the AVAA Advisory Center: EducationUSA.

Cristhian Ortega – AVAA Press.
June 2019.